Delivery Services

Delivery is the Solution for Getting Your practice done by anything or everything DELIVERED to where and when you Want it.

Maintenance Services


household khadiim services

We Provide all services like Maids, Gardener, Chef, Security Guard, Driver etc..


Vehicle Services


Includes All of these Services 

Electronic Tune, Oil Filter,CarWash and Professsionally Vaccumed Carrage/Moving & Ticketing.

Events & Occasions

We manage your all life events i.e birthday parties,  wedding and engagement parties burial managements etc.


Khadiim Home Tuitions Services

Every sort of educational assistance including   Quraanic education subject tuition, home work assistance for younger kids etc.

Health Services

Khadiim Health services

Providing visit by doctor and nurses, Home care attendants. Physiotherapists,Lab Specimen Collection, Counselling, Ambulence …

Our Mission

To Assist You…

Our Vision

To Add Value in One’s Life.